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APEC 2024 willbe held in Long Beach, California on February 25-29, 2024. Professional power test solution provider-ITECHElectronics, will show on APEC 2024 with their power electronics testing instruments and solutions,we cordially invite you to stop by ITECH booth No.1659.

ITECH will show all series of T&M instrumentproducts. ITECHnew upgraded ac source products such as IT7800, IT7900 and IT7900P will appear at theshow, help you challenge MW level test. And you will see our star product IT6000CBi-directional DC power supply, which adopts the third generationSiC-base technology and integrates the source and sink function in one unit. Also, we will show anotherexplosive product IT-M series,featuring "compact structure" and "high power density", whichgive users a wide range of choices to meet the diverse testing demands. The IT2800 SMU,winner of three T&M awards in 2023, will also make its debut at APEC.

ITECHhas brought over 1000 models productsto global market, always focusing on innovation,owning 140+ patents and products have been awarded by top international media.ITECH is always stepping forward with their state-of-the-art testingtechnology.

Meet ITECH on APEC 2024!

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