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AC family upgraded again--ITECH releases newly upgraded AC power supply and AC electronic load
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ITECH announced that IT7800 series high power programmable AC power supply, IT7900 series regenerative grid simulator, IT7900P serieshigh performance regenerative grid simulator and IT8200 series regenerativeAC/DC electronic load have been further upgraded to meet users' AC test needsin a variety of test, debugging, and production applications.

Higher Power Density

[ 21kVA/3U ]

IT7800/7900/7900P expands the E model, inside the limited space of 3U, the power output is raisedto 21kVA, comparing with the traditional AC power supply, it greatly saves thespace, further enhances the cost-effectiveness, and provides users with a morecompetitive high-power test solution.

Smaller Size 

1U ATE/2U touch screen

IT7800/7900/8200 added Models with 2U touch screen and keyboards and 1U ATE models on the basisof the original function, which not only provides users with an AC test solution that can be directly placed on the lab table, but also makes better use of the cabinet space, and is more convenient for the system construction, whether it is a stand-alone test or a system construction, which can be easily satisfied.

Higher Voltage 

[ 700V / 1050V ]

TheIT7800/7900 has added a new high-voltage model, designed for high-voltage inverter testing, with voltages up to 700VL-N, and even meets 1050VL-N. The power can be easily extended up to 900kVA by paralleling, and the powerful Arbitrary Waveform Editing function can simulate a variety of grid disturbance waveforms, making it an ideal choice for testing and R&D labs.

Inrecent years, the global energy topic has been constantly, more and more countries are vigorously developing green and renewable new energy sources, and the industry's requirements for test equipment are becoming higher and higher, which need to be characterized by high precision, high efficiency, high safety and high adaptability to ensure high reliability and accuracy in the evaluation and development of new energy technologies.

ITECH has launched a series of AC power supplies and loads such as IT7800, IT7900, IT7900P and IT8200 since 2021, which have been consistently praised by the market for their stable performance and excellent features. After 2 years of continuous R&D and testing, in 2023, we upgraded the previous products and launched many new products this time.

Several new series of products launched this time continue the excellent performance ofprevious products, using silicon carbide (SiC) technology and equipped with a touch screen design, users can directly and quickly perform selection operations through a simple and intuitive UI interface and the keyboard knob. It has a built-in comprehensive power meter and arbitrary waveform generator, which can simulate harmonics and various arbitrary waveform outputs. The four output modes of single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase and multi-channel can simulate different test. It can provide more reliable guarantee for users' testing, and the complete protection mechanism also ensures the safe and stable operation of the equipment. It will bring users higher efficiency and better experience.

Learn more https://itechate.com/en/product/ac-power-supply/IT7200.html

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