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ITECH appeared at the APEC 2024 in USA, leading a new trend in power testing
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At the beginning of the new year, ITECH appeared at the APEC 2024 exhibition in the United States from February 25th to 29th. The exhibition gethered designers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and many other professionals in the field of power electronics. ITECH Electronics, a leading innovative company in the field of power electronic testing, showcased its industry-acclaimed flagship products and test solutions, fully demonstrating its leading position in technological innovation and R&D capabilities.

During the exhibition, ITECH not only showcased popular product family including the high-power bidirectional power supply IT6000 series, the multi-functional bidirectional power supply IT-M3900 series with high power density, the high-power AC power supply IT7800 series, and the full four-quadrant grid simulator IT7900P series, but also launched a new generation of products, including IT-N2100 solar array simulator and IT2800 SMU 6-in-1 multi-function source meter. These innovative products not only meet a wide range of needs from the renewable energy field to semiconductor testing, but also reflect ITECH's unstoppable pursuit of providing efficient, convenient and accurate testing solutions.

IT-N2100 solar array simulator, a new testing tool in the photovoltaic field, is a high-performance DC power supply with rapid IV curve changes, which can simulate various solar panels in different environments (temperature, light, shadow attenuation, aging). The power supply with unique IV output characteristics is specially designed for testing solar micro-inverters, power optimizers, satellite power systems, windsurfing power arrays, etc.

IT2800 SMU 6-in-1 multi-function source meter integrates 6 device functions into one: a four-quadrant voltage source, a current source, a 6.5-digit digital multimeter, a pulse generator, a battery simulator and an electronic load. It can be used with ITECH SPS5000 series semiconductor parametric testing software to achieve efficient semiconductor device characteristic characterization testing. The advent of this product means that ITECH has a more complete and competitive testing solution from upstream semiconductor design to midstream wafer manufacturing and packaging testing.

Many people stopped by ITECH booth and talked with ITECH power supply experts about industry development and testing technologies. At the same time, the ITECH booth at this exhibition also attracted the attention of many industry media in both US and Europe. ITECH power experts introduced ITECH's new technologies and product application advantages to the professional editors, which won unanimous praise from the media.

ITECH Electronics has always been committed to providing engineers with more efficient, convenient and accurate testing solutions and products. As always, ITECH Electronics will continue to lead the new trend of power electronics testing technology and demonstrate corporate leadership and brand reputation.
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