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ITECH IT7900 Regenerative Grid Simulator wins the Silver Medal in「Test & measurement」at Leap Awards 2021
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ITECH IT7900 Regenerative Grid Simulator has wonthe Silver Medal of 「Test & Measurement」in Leap Awards 2021, a prestigious industrymedia award in the United States. The event has been a highlight within theindustry calendar, where leading figures from the mechanical and electricalengineering design space gather to celebrate their achievements and reward themarket leaders from across the blossoming sector. There are many world-renownedcompanies in the mechanical and electrical engineering design space in thisyear’s list of awards, in the Test & Measurement category, ITECH and twoother instrument brands, KEYSIGHT and Rohde & Schwarz, were honored fortheir Test & Measurement products. ITECH's IT7900 won the silver award. 

ITECHis a professional manufacturer of power electronics testinstruments, "Customer oriented" is the principle of all ITECH's activities.With the mission of creating a green, energy-saving and sustainable future forthe next generation, and is committed to related industries with "powerelectronics" products as the core. We do our best to know deeper potentialpower testing requirements of various industries.

The IT7900 series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator. It is also afour-quadrant power amplifier, which can be used to test various grid-connectedequipment. For example, PCS, energy storage system, microgrid, BOBC (V2X),PHiL, etc. With the islanding mode (RLC settable), a single unit of IT7900 canrealize the anti-islanding protection test. IT7900 series grid simulator adoptsthe third-generation semiconductor SiC components. It is only 1/3 size of a conventionalgrid simulator, but its output power can reach up to 960kVA, which has thehighest power density among similar products on the market.


Inaddition, IT7900 grid simulator provides full four-quadrant grid simulators with full 100% ofcurrent rating in both source and sink mode, then feedback power to the grid, andprovides energy recovery capability. The power generated by the DUT during thetest can be easily fed back to the AC grid, rather than being dissipated asheat, which protects the environment and lowers the cost of operation. Effectivelyrespond to the environmental protection requirements for energy conservationand emission reduction, and contribute to the sustainable development of thenext generation.


Another breakthrough of IT7900 regenerative grid simulator is that it turnsthe complicated test to simple and can be done in one instrument. With easyoperation, you can have powerful data analysis. The touch screen design allowsusers to slide the screen and switch interfaces, as convenient as doing it on amobile phone. Previously, touch screens of similar instruments often needed tobe used with a capacitive pen. IT7900 are dedicated to improving the analysiscapabilities of waveforms and data for engineers, rather than just displayingbasic measurement parameters. This provides sufficient data support forstudying the abnormal points in the characteristics of the DUT over a period oftime.

2021 LEAP (Leadership in Engineering AchievementProgram) is to celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking productsserving the design engineering space.  ITECH is honored to have won the silvermedal in Test & Measurement category after participating in the first time.This is not only recognition of ITECH's cutting-edge technology and outstandingproducts, but also a positive affirmation of the innovation of the ITECH team.ITECH will continue to launch more high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precisionproducts and solutions, contributing to the future of energy conservation,environmental protection and sustainable development.

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