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Stable and reliable! ITECH newly releases high power density programmable DC power supply IT-M3140 series
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ITECH recently officially launched another high power density programmable DC power supply under the M series - IT-M3140 series. The M series family currently has 11 series, including DC power supply (M3100/M3900D), regenerative electronic load (M3300/M3800), AC power supply (M7700), regenerative source-load integrated product (M3900B/M3900C/M3400/M3600), High-precision power supply (M3200) suitable for low power consumption of the Internet of Things, and 1/2 2U dual-channel ATE power supply (M3100D). The IT-M3140 series of medium-power ultra-high power density power supply products launched this time is a major technological breakthrough in this power range. This series of new products adopts advanced circuit topology design and high-speed digital operation chip, which makes the power supply have excellent performance in terms of size, output stability, reliability and dynamic response characteristics. The whole series provides two power outputs of 1850W and 3000W in a volume space of only 1/2 2U, and includes 7 voltage specifications in total, covering the high and low voltage test requirements of 30V-1200V. It can be widely used in power semiconductors, power modules, unmanned aerial vehicles, batteries, communication equipment, medical equipment and other fields.

"Stable" - up to 0.001% source adjustment rate and 0.03% voltage measurement accuracy

Continuous and stable power supply output is the core characteristic of DC power supply. In the actual power supply process, the output of the power supply will be affected by the fluctuation of the AC power grid and the change of the load current. A good power supply can change the input and load, the smaller the actual output deviates from the rated output, so it is called the adjustment rate index. The source adjustment rate of the IT-M3140 series can reach up to 0.001%, which is an order of magnitude higher than the 0.01% index of traditional power supplies. Therefore, IT-M3140 can be better suitable for wearable medical equipment power supply, drone control board, communication Power supply modules and other occasions that have strict requirements on the stability of the power supply test.

"Fast" - <1ms dynamic recovery time

IT-M3140 series adopts advanced circuit topology design, which not only recovers faster <1ms but also has smaller transient overshoot in the part of dynamic characteristics. The fast dynamic recovery performance well solves the phenomenon that DUT protection is easily triggered during the dynamic loading process of some traditional power supplies. Compared with the dynamic recovery speed of traditional power supplies <5ms, IT-M3140 can adjust back to a stable state at a faster speed when the load switches from light load to full load, and is widely used in electric tools, electric bicycle batteries, DC vacuum pumps, Power module and other tests.

"Full" - nine protection modes, making the test more secure and reliable

Another highlight of this series of new products is the comprehensive protection mode for engineers' daily testing. The tester can choose to turn on or off the protection function according to the needs, and set the protection delay and so on. The IT-M3140 series not only provides basic over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, under-current, over-power, and over-temperature protections, but also provides three advanced protection functions: sense reverse polarity protection, foldback protection, and inhibit output prohibition, which can Provide safer and more reliable protection solutions for semiconductor high voltage breakdown, high temperature and high humidity reverse bias aging, battery formation, laser power supply or R&D debugging.

Not only that, IT-M3140 series provides panel LIST programming and CC/CV priority mode, which can not only simulate abnormal disturbances of various DC power supply lines, but also effectively reduce current overshoot.

The official release of the IT-M3140 series of high-power programmable DC power supplies not only declares that the ITECH M series family members are larger, but also represents a new generation of professional high-power-density DC power supply test solutions. ITECH will always start from "user needs", empower testing instruments with advanced design concepts, and provide the most professional and efficient solutions for the development of the industry.
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