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Thorough Battery Test ——ITECH ITS5300 Battery Charging/Discharging Test System
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With the continuous improvement of battery technology, the battery application field is becoming increasingly broader, such as consumer electronics, industrial power tools, electric vehicles. In practice, in order to realize large specifications, several and even thousands of cells are connected in series to form battery packs to meet the operating needs. Due to performance differences, individual cells must be tested to better understand the performance of the battery pack. As thousands of batteries are produced on the battery production line every day, the battery manufacturers use the automatic battery testing system capable of testing the performance of multiple battery packs or individual cells at the same time to ensure the product performance and improve the production efficiency.

The ITS5300 battery charging/discharging test system of ITECH is an automatic test system dedicated to performance tests of power batteries (lead-acid batteries, NiH batteries, Li batteries, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel batteries, etc.). It can be used for testing the performance of hundreds of battery packs or 200 individual cells of hundreds of battery packs at the same time to adapt to batch test needs of the production line and greatly improve the test efficiency and yield of the production line. Changing test needs can be met due to the flexible step editing and multiple charging and discharging modes.

☑ It has pulse charging/discharging capacity, applicable to the internal resistance and capacity features of cells/modules.

☑ It has high stability and accuracy, ensuring the absolute accuracy within the wide voltage/current range and increasing the rate of equipment utilization.

☑ Due to rapid response and sampling rate, it is applicable to the charging/discharging test of various power batteries.

☑ Due to the standard modular design of the system, hardware can be easily extended, expanding the application scope and facilitating late maintenance.

☑ Due to the comprehensive alarm and protection settings, the over-discharge, overcharge and other accidental faults of the battery can be avoided effectively.

☑ Due to the multi-channel independent control, batteries in hundreds of channels can be charged and discharged at the same time.

The ITS5300 battery charging/discharging test system can be used for testing the internal resistance, temperature, capacity, cycle life, etc. of battery packs and individual cells, drawing the charging/discharging curve, keeping the test parameters and comprehensively analyzing batteries. In particular, with the unique function of online testing of the AC internal resistance, ITS5300 is different from the offline test method applied generally on the market. The dynamic changes of the AC/DC internal resistance of the battery pack and individual cells can be obtained more rapidly and accurately to judge whether the battery fails more precisely.

The ITS5300 battery charging/discharging test system consists of the ITECH power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition instrument as well as the professional battery test software. Users can simultaneously test the constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and constant current/power/resistance discharging of the multi-channel individual cell or battery pack by editing test steps. ITS5300 has the precision alarm and power-off protection function to monitor the battery test. In case of over-voltage, over-temperature, under-voltage and other faults, the system will automatically send the alarm through color marks and the channels will be stopped to effectively prevent the over-discharge, overcharge and other faults of the battery.

To cope with the rapid development of the battery industry, the ITS5300 battery charging/discharging test system is developed independently by ITECH, including the hardware and software. Due to the comprehensive testing function, complete protection function, high degree of automation and high stability, the excellent performance and quality of the tested battery can be ensured, and the system is the best choice for battery testing. At present, ITS5300 has been used in battery production department, quality control department, incoming inspection department, research and development department and test department. Meanwhile, ITECH has provided the complete, mature and stable test solutions for test application fields such as LED, new energy, automotive electronics and power supplies.

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