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A letter from the HR:
To future companions

Dear friends,

It’s glad to see that you come to us. We are happy to knowyour excellent experience in the past and appreciate your strong spirit oftarget pursuit. It’s our honor to share your smart and positive attitude.

In ITECH family, people are also like you. They are clever,powerful and excellentThey arepassionate sales, strict QA, nice service, high level technical engineer andinspiration teams. They come from different area, but are doing best effort topromote industry and fulfill themselves.

Now, ITECH has become one of leading manufacturers in theindustry of test and measurement instruments. Our products go to more than 50 countries.ITECH always keeps the same pace of industry development and does continuouseffort to meet test requirements of customers.

With more than 700 models, ITECH products can be used invarious applications in different industries. We also provide completesolutions for famous enterprise all over the world.

Besides the traditional power electronics, ITECH alsofocus on new industries, such as development of new energy. We would like toembrace challenge of providing test solutions for these new industries. Now wehave provided solutions for passive components, automotive electronics, semiconductor/IC,LED,lithium battery, power battery, EV and other new industries in development. Wecontribute to green future.

In ITECH, you can develop your career better and promoteyourself quickly. You can enjoy comfortable working environment and work withsimple and nice team members.

We believe, work hard and gain more. We encourage peopleto balance work and life. Besides work, we also need health, families andhappiness.

        Welcome to join us. Hope you can enjoy your perfect life withITECH. Hope you move forward with the original mind and dream. Wish you happyevery day !                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                              ITECH HR Team

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