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The World New Energy Vehicle Congress 2019 has been held in Boao recently, researchers and industry experts from the world explored new trends of new energy vehicles (NEVs). Safety is the key to the future development of new energy vehicles. As a global profession instruments manufacturer, ITECH is devoted to provide testing solutions for the research & development of new energy vehicles.


                New Energy Vehicle Testing Solutions


DC Charging Station

Higher cruising range and shorter charging time are the goals pursued by new energy vehicles, which makes the power of DC charging stations increase. The DC charging station is connected
by multiple power modules in parallel to achieve high-power charging.

In actual mass production,

its testing has been a problem due to its high voltage, high current and high power characteristics.



Electric Drive / Motor

Regarding the improvement of endurance mileage, the main concern now is mainly on the battery, but as we all know, the battery is only a component that provides power. If the powertrain (electric control, motor, gearbox, etc.) of the car is inefficient, the mileage of the electric car cannot be effectively improved. Therefore, the testing for EV powertrains is very important.


Slow Charging Loop Test - OBC

OBC is a compulsory device for all Electrical vehicles (including plug-in hybrid and EREV). Even for electrical vehicles of electricity as the main force, it will also be equipped with on OBC. The manufacturers are having more requirements on OBC, higher power and efficiency. OBC as a device between trickle charging pile and the power battery, its electric performance and safety performance are very important.


Products Recommended



IT6000B/C DC Power Supply
IT-M3100 DC Power Supply
IT9100 Power Meter


IT8900A/E Electronic Load
IT8600 Electronic Load
IT7600 AC Power Supply

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