With the rapid development of power batteries of EV, energy storage systems and other industries, the demand ranging from 30kW to 500kW for high-power DC electronic loads have greatly increased. In order to keeps up with industry trends, ITECH will launch IT8000 series high power regenerative DC electronic load. IT8000 further enhances power density based on the known IT8300 regenerative e-load, with smaller size, and voltage up to 2250V, fully meeting the ultra-high voltage requirements of special fields, and has full anti-islanding protection. Moreover, energy recovery efficiency is up to 95%.

Voltage up to 2250V
Current up to 2040A
Energy recovery Max.95%
High power density - 3U 18kW
Energy recovery efficiency Max.95%
Patented parallel technology
IT8000 has adopted ITECH optical fiber parallel technology
All the function and performance will be the same as standalone unit
No need to calibrate after paralleling
Fiber transmission, good for anti-interference
Digital paralleling, fully insulated, good for protecting DUT
High power density 3U 18kW
Q&As about IT8000
Question 1: Will my energy meter going to spin backwards and sold electricity to utility grid using the IT8000?
Answer: The IT8000 recovers up to 95% of the load energy to factory AC mains grid. In most cases, the power recycled from the IT8000 is much less than the power consumption of the local distribution network. As shown in below. Therefore, the meter will not go backwards, but it will obviously run slower.
Question 2: If the power grid drops out and the independent power supply is still working, will IT8000 continue to deliver power to the grid and cause safety accident?

Answer: No. IT8000 includes automatic grid monitoring system, which can detect phase voltage, frequency in time for grid synchronization. If grid drops out, so will the IT8000, which is called “Anti - islanding", the same working principle of grid-tied PV inverter. In this case, the IT8000 will simply shut down, waiting for the operator to turn it back on.

Question 3: IT8000 is more expensive than a conventional electronic load. Aside from the obvious advantages, how do I balance the initial high investment?
Answer: The test of the IT8000 has shown that there turn on investment through reduced energy costs is about two or three years. Energy‐regenerative electronic load provides a green solution for load testing of power supply and power conversion systems. It recycles up to 95% of the load energy. The reliability of the IT8000 is high, because the load dissipates very little heat per KW of the measured power. IT8000 does not need a lot of MOSFETs or IGBTs in parallel to handle heat dissipation, resulting in longer life and lower maintenance expense.
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