ITECH recently launched the new product IT-M3100 series ultra-compact wide-range DC power supply.


It is known that ITECH's new M series not only has a new look, but also makes innovations in product technology.


From the perspective of industry application, it provides users with more complete and innovative solutions.

Top 4 Product Highlights
Ultra-compact - Only 1/2 1U

IT-M3100 series power supply is only 1/2 1U. But its maximum output power is up to 850W. It has not only high power density, but also has high precision and resolution and reliable stability. The maximum output voltage is up to 600V and maximum output current is up to 100A. Read more

Modular Design - 'Leg-insert'

IT-M3100 breaks through the shackles of traditional product design, with a patented design and side ventilation design. The flexible modular
design makes it simple for IT-M3100 to stack directly, no need to purchase any accessories. Read more

Multi-channel - Max. 256 channels

IT-M3100 supports maximum 16*16 channels. One 37U rack case contains 64 channels. User may test DUTs with different power ranges by parallel connection, making tests more flexible and device usage more efficient. Read more


IT-M3100 has the function of synchronism between multiple channels. There are 3 options On/Off、Track、Duplicate, the voltage change can be proportional between different units. Read more


Aging / ATS -- OLED Aging Test

The synchronization function is configured after the multi-channel power supply system is formed. Users can control multiple power supply by sending a command to control the host computer, which saves test time greatly and reduces the error rate. Users can combine multiple IT-M3100 into a single-key controlled multi-channel DC power supply.


Industrial application -- LED luminous flux test
Traditional way: Aging test is very important for testing the luminous attenuation, color temperature and leakage current of LED. When it’s powered, it generates surge current. With the increase of test current, surge current will also increase, which may lead to LED damage.
Advantage: IT-M3100 with CC/CV priority setting
CC priority mode—restrict surge current and protect LED


Test and Evaluate -- Lab test
Flexible module architecture with easy ‘leg-insert’.

No additional components needed.

IT-M series include DC power supply, AC power supply, DC electronic load, bidirectional power supply. System can be made with different products but same out looking.

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