In the aerospace industry, a variety of different functions and types of electrical equipment are jointly responsible for the normal operation of airplane, aircraft, satellites and other equipment, to contribute to the rapid development of the aerospace industry. The research and development, production and testing of these electrical equipment need to be guaranteed by a number of tests.

ITECH highly-stable programmable power supply and electronic load series offers outstanding test in supporting the information equipment and motivation of aerospace business. With ITECH technical expertise in the measurement science and testing process, you can free up more time to solve more important issues, perform current tasks and move to future tasks as planned.

Solar cell test on energy device

As the mainstream energy supply system for spacecraft, the solar array continues to be upgraded in terms of technology and structure, and is gradually adapting to various challenging and complex aerospace requirements.

IT8700 Multi-channel DC Electronic Load

Electronic load with solar cell test software IT9380 can achieve a high degree of automation, high accuracy data, long-term stability test, electronic load up to 50KHZ measurement speed and 20us voltage, current data acquisition time can be accurately obtained more data in a very short time interval, so as to ensure that the test is conducted quickly and accurately.

Satellite battery test

From battery life to communications and other fields, ITECH's design and verification tools provide sufficient guarantee, that your satellite and its subsystems will work for the first time, and during the mission is so every time.
The reverse current of the power supply to the battery is only 10mA (The other series of power supplies usually need to install the reverse selection module accessories) with the power dissipater, you can charge and discharge the battery seamlessly. Power + power dissipator can measure battery DC resistance DCR, analog battery (including internal resistance) output, power from 800W to 30KW, and output range up to 1000V / 1200A.

IT6500C + Power dissipater tests kilowatt military battery

  1. Output range is up to 1000V, 1200A, more than 100 models, meet the wide power requirements of 1.8kW-100kW.
  2. The IT6500C + power dissipater can extend the current sinking capability up to 100% of the source range and the power sinking capability up to 300% of the Power sourcing capability. (Max. Power sink is 90kW). Meet the requirements of battery discharging test.
  3. Two-quadrant power supply achieves fast seamless switch, thus it can avoid overshoot of voltage or current. IT6500 can be widely used in energy storage device testing, such as batteries, battery encapsulation and battery protection panel etc.
  4. Support source CV \ CC \ CP, load CC \ CP multiple modes to meet the complex battery charge and discharge mode requirements.
  5. Complete the battery charge and discharge test, capacity test, DC resistance test and other test functions.
    Equip with IT9320 professional battery test software to complete the automated test system functions.


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