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IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator

The unique bipolar voltage/current output makes IT6400 series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulating function is especially applicable for development and high speed production testing of portable, battery-operated products. IT6400 has ultrafast transient time less than 20 μs and resolut ion up to 1 nA. Its new designed speed shift mode achieves volt age/current fast rising and without overshoot, the rising time up to 150μs. Mean while, the waveform display function let the test be visible an d simple. IT6400 series can be widely used in portable battery-operated products test, mobile power pack test, LED test and other fields.

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  • Features

    Maximum output power of single channel up to 150 W , outputvoltage max. ±60 V, output current max. ±10A
    High performance color LCD display, dual channel output display main interface *1
    Bipolar dual-range output
    Accurate Battery Simulation
    Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)
    Ultrafast transient response time < 20 μs
    Ultrafast voltage rising time up to 150 μs *2
    Current display resolution up to 1 nA
    Ultra-small current ripple up to 2 μArms
    Built-in high accuracy DVM
    Variable output impedance
    Applicable to portable battery power supplies test
    LED test no overcharged current
    Relay out function achieves electrical isolation on terminals
    High speed AD sampling
    List function achieves voltage/current output as programmed
    Standard interface LAN/USB/GPIB

    *1 IT6412 provide this function
    *2 IT6432H stay tuned


    Portable battery-operated products test
    Mobile power pack test
    Battery protection board test
    Battery test
    LED test
    Power amplifier Test
    DC / DC converter test
    Support fast charge
    Fast charge has become a development trend for mobile phone, tablet PC and other electronic products, the major electronics manufacturers also focus on
    fast charge. IT6431 battery simulator current output up to ± 10 A, fully meet the market mainstream low-voltage, high current f ast charge test requirements.

    Bipolar Output

    IT6400 high speed linear DC source provides bipolar output, maximum output voltage of single channel up to ± 60 V, maximum output current up to ± 10 A. IT6400 is with multi-functional and high-performance output, so that it meets various of test needs. IT6412 is a dual-channel bipolar DC source and it is available for easy-shifting dual range output with each channel. Users can switch according to test requirements, one set of IT6412 can fi nish mobile and charger test independently , a single device to complete the test phone and charger,easy to use.

    Oscilloscope Waveform Display Function
    IT6400 provides waveform display function based on sample data. The voltage/current waveform is visible or invisible by your option, and can be adjusted by the knob. The graphic on the newly design colorful display can be saved, achieves easy and effective oscilloscope experience.

    Battery Simulating Function

    With the unique current bipolar design and 0~20 Ω variable outp u t impedance, IT6400 is applicable to types of portable battery charge-discharge tests. Simulating the battery charge-discharge features and assist with other tests are also reliable. One equipment, diversified applications.







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    AC power cord
    CD User's mannul,communication protocol
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