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IT8300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load

ITECH newly launched IT8300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load, it not only can simulate various load characteristics, but also canfeed power back to grid without pollution. IT8300 series unique regenerative function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and feed it back to local grid. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs, adapts requirements of global energy-saving and emission reduction at the same time. IT8300 adopts high power density design, e.g. for 3 U size, it can absorb power up to 10.5 kW. IT8300 supports master-slave paralleling and current equalized distribution, which can expand the power up to 105KW or more. Moreover IT8300 has multiple functions such as the automatic grid-state detection, on-grid electricity accumulation, anti-islanding protection, battery-test function, dynamic mode, LIST function, etc. The built-in interfaces include LAN/USB/RS232/RS485/CAN interfaces. The various functions make IT8300 series suitable for high-power power supply, storage battery, photovoltaic battery, electric vehicle, energy storage system, etc.

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  • Features

    Voltage range: 80 V / 800 V

    Stand-alone input current up to 3570A

    Stand-alone input power up to 73.5KW

    Support master-slave paralleling, current equalized distribution, maximum output power up to 105 kW or more *1

    Energy-regenerative efficiency Max. 95% *2*3

    3 U size, high power density up to 10.5 kW

    On-grid electricity accumulation function

    Automatic grid-state detection, achieve reliable on-grid function, anti-islanding protection

    4 testing modes: CC/CV/CR/CP

    Dynamic loading mode

    Battery test function, automatic test function, short circuit test function

    Multiple parameters measurement & display:Vdc、Idc、Pdc、Vac、Pac、Fac、Wac

    With pre-charging function, prevent dc loading current overshoot

    Full protection:OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/ACP and power grid fault protection, fault storage

    Built-in standard LAN/USB/RS232 / RS485 / CAN communication interface, support SCPI protocol

    *1 Please consult with ITECH f or higher po wer r equirement
    *2 Efficienc y up t o about 95% f or 800V, efficienc y up t o about 94% f or 80V
    *3 The r egenerative po wer is f or in-plant r euse, not f or f eeding back t o public grid



    Discharge testing for different types of batteries (lead, lithium, power and energy storage batteries)
    The virtual load test of natural energy (solar cell array, wind power generation)
    Aging life testing for AC/DC, DC/DC converters
    Aging testing for motor, fuse and relay under automobile high voltage (e.g., 36 v, 42 v) and small motor testing
    Security testing for mechanical systems with large capacity battery (e.g. agv, health care electric chair)
    Testing for large DC power supply, e.g. ground power test
    Evaluation testing for fuel cells and stacks
    Detection and aging for power electronic equipments

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load

    Ultra high power regeneration efficiency up to about 95%

    IT8300 series regenerative DC electronic load is different from other conventional consumed loads, power regenerative function is the most important feature of IT8300 series. It can regenerate power to grid and provides low heat dissipation, which will be converted with an efficiency of approximately 95%. This way of energy regeneration helps to lower energy costs and avoids expensive cooling systems, and also reduces the noise.

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load

    Power accumulation function

    IT8300 series regenerative DC electronic load uses the power electronic transformation technology on the premise of completing test power experiment to make output energy of measured power supply regenerative recycled and reused. Through the inside fast sampling of voltage and current, the regenerative power value can be observed on the front panel of IT8300 series, including voltage, frequency and power of each phase, as well as total power, total current regenerative and total
    historical regenerative power, which makes the energy saving effect much easier. Re-open after power failure, IT8300 series will continue to accumulate the regenerative power value based on the last power off value.

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load

    High Power Density Design

    Conventional electronic loads are not only with high energy consumption, its own size and weight is also very large. Energy consumption electronic load with 10KW load is at least 12U, not only difficult to transport, the higher the cost. IT8300 series regenerative DC electronic load adopts high power density design, e.g. for 3 U size, it can absorb power up to 10.5 kW. Compared to traditional electronic loads, the size for IT8300 series will be able to decrease by 76.9% under the same output power.

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load


  • Dynamic test function

    IT8300 series regenerative DC electronic load provides dynamic test function under CC mode. Electronic load switches between two settable parameters according to set rule, it is for testing dynamic characteristics of power supply and checking the stability of power supply during step change of loading current. Dynamic testing mode can be divided into continuous mode, pulse mode and reverse mode.

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load Dynamic test function

    List function

    IT8300 series regenerative DC electronic load provides list mode, it can complete the complex arbitrary current change mode accurately and fast, and can synchronize with internal or external signals to complete multi-level loading precision test, which greatly save cost for customers. By editing the step value, pulse width and the slope of each step, IT8300 can generate a variety of complex sequences and help users to complete various loading waveforms test. In the CC mode, IT8300 series can set rising and falling speed.

    Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load List function


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    AC power cord (accessory)
    CD (accessory)
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